Wednesday, January 20, 2010

46th Tuesday...First Blog of 2010

Happy New Year Readers!

Don't even think about growling at me...I am well aware that we are halfway through January, but I didn't see any of you looking for me. I bet if I were Amy Adams in Julie & Julia, you'd have been searching the streets for me.

As usual there is a lot to discuss today on LolaLand, but please be mindful that unlike in Julie & Julia I do not have loads of time to type away and mull over recipes. Ok, enough with that movie. Let's move on...hold on, did you see it? Is it ok if I give you homework? Today's Aim: Watch Julie & Julia..hehe that could be a spoiler, we will revisit, I promise.

I'm trying to put my thoughts in some sort of order, but I don't see that happening. Remember how I told you that I don't do resolutions? Well I still don't but I do make little flimsy promises to myself and one of those flimsy promises was to go to the gym at least three times a week. So far, I've made it once. this entire year. You would think since I've missed a couple of blogs, I've been living in the gym, but no. I went on a Monday, maybe last week and I really worked out. There was nothing of note on GymTV so I had to resort to people watching. I love people watching! That reminds me of a new list:

The Things People Wear To The Gym That Cracks Me Up:

1. Matchy-Matchy: My favorite! This person wore black sweats, red and black sneakers, red socks, and the best part, A RED SWEATBAND! He looked like a ladybug.

2. Traveler: I don't know about this guy. He clearly intending on moving into the gym, seeing as he was geared up with his ipod, a cell phone, a gallon of some energy drink, an extra sweatshirt, a backpack and sunglasses. I want to say that he had a tent strapped to his back, but I think you guys will think I'm making that part up.

3. Next Stop, the Club: There was nothing extraordinary about this woman's gym wear except for the fact that she had on huge hoop earrings, two necklaces, a charm bracelet, rings and brace yourself, an anklet which was draped over her sock, because damn it, if you can't see the anklet, what's the point in wearing it?

4. The Girl That I'm Hating On: She doesn't really belong on this list, but this is my blog, therefore a forum for my OWN insecurities. This fit as a gazelle chick was wearing stretch pants and a little (cause anything medium would drown her)black top and a huge rubber velcro belt around her waist. You have seen this blue rubber belt, the one that always rolls either up or down, depending on where your fat is recklessly placed? In my case, by the time I finish working out, its fighting for its rights near my double chin. This girl was so perfect that her blue belt was wrapped around her twice! How do I know that? Because she wore it OUTSIDE her shirt. Yes!!! Outside her shirt and it was wrapped around twice and it looked so unnecessary. I wanted to ask her who she thought she was, floating ballerina like in the gym with the fat belt wrapped around her twice?

I didn't because then I would look crazy. I can't even remember #5, though its probably the girl wearing spandex that looked like jeans because she was trying to take a stand against the no jeans policy. Whatever. Now I can barely get my mind off of the Double Wrapped Gazelle.

I want to call your attention to another blog. I don't want you to leave me, rather I want you to check out this blog written by a very brilliant friend of mine. Yes I have friends, and yes some of them are even brilliant. I'm trying to find the address on my FB, it is TBA. I'm fighting for reception. Hold on... I don't know why the address is so long, but check it out, its worth your time. Today's Do Now: Check out A New Blog...another spoiler! I'm full of them today.

So I have a new school now, because apparently its believed that I am talented enough to hold down four locations. I am, actually. Listen, if you don't believe in yourself, then it does not matter what anyone else thinks of you. I'm at the new school now and everything looks like its working. Every now and then I get up and walk though the kitchen picking things up, jotting things down and hmmming. It works! You should do that at work. Just grab a notebook or even a file folder with one lousy sheet of paper and go for a walk. You end up looking uber important and together.

Its almost time for me to skidaddle...I can't wait to spell check that one..but first let me leave you with a recipe. This past weekend I made a stuffed blue fish. I looked long and hard for the recipe since I made it a year ago, but after a while I just decided to wing it. It came out really yummy and I want to is what I used for the stuffing:

A can of crab (pricy as hell! I know I paid for the labor)
A can of clams
A can of medium shrimp (I'll never buy them again, because I had to clean them anyway, I'd do fresh next time)
A box of StoveTop Sage Stuffing

I made the stuffing and then mixed everything in...I seasoned, but lightly because the stuffing was seasoned already. Perhaps next time I will dice and sauteed some onions for texture.

Once all that was done, I prepped the fish. First of all, when I went to buy the fish, none of the fish seemed big enough for what I wanted. I spoke to the Fish Monger (lmao) and he told me that he had a fish in the back. Well. Dear Readers, when I tell you this fish was a FISH..I'm not kidding. I would guesstimate from the tip of my middle phalange to a little past my elbow and Dear Readers, I am tall. The FISH was 10lbs. I had them clean & gut and cut off the tail, but I wanted the whole fish. Flashforward or Backward to when it was time to stuff the FISH.

The FISH was too long for the pan. Can you believe that? I tried my damnest to get this heifer in the pan, but it did not work. I had to crudely saw off his head (its in the freezer, I'm going to make soup or send someone a threat) and stuff him. After he was stuffed, he was REALLY BIG. I drizzled some olive oil and placed him in a preheated oven at 350 degrees for 90min.

Delisious, Dear Readers! Mmmm mmmm good. I strongly suggest you try this recipe. I want to make it for Patterson and McKinely, but since its just the three of us, I will stuff three little fish. Speaking of Patterson and McKinely, they really annoyed me yesterday night.

I was going to blog about how annoying they were, but when I woke up today I remembered how much I love them and the mood to gripe is over.

I hate losing a good gripe, but I'm sure someone/thing will inspire one soon.

Last Call, Last Call!! My Very Good Friend Is On Day II of Her Fabulous Maternity Leave...we can't wait to meet him....we love Joaquin already. Its ok for me to mention his name, because his name is going to be in lights or on the new constitution anyway, and then you Dear Readers can refer back to this blog.

You Get Me. That's Why I Love You.