Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Phallic Symbols & Party in My Tummy.

So I'm trapped in the pediatricians office-aka NogginVille. I can't believe the past big deal about Teletubbies. Has anyone ever seen Yo Gabba Gabba? I'm watching these characters dance and sing about a party in their tummy. Even the food is singing. You have not lived until your bacon sings and there is a disco in your stomach-even I can't make this up! There is a red nubby character jumping up and down...I don't know what its name is, but I sure know what it looks like. The host is a tall uber skinny dark dude with bright hair...think Carrot Top and Steve Urkel have a baby via their blessed union and collaboration with a generous donation from Grace Jones. If the party in your tummy involves eggs over easy, crispy bacon and fresh fruit, I would make sure you also show up to the afterparty, tp provided for the first 100 guests...


First Tueday 2/24/09

Hello Readers!

Good Morning. Welcome to First Tuesday. For those of you who know me, you know that I love, love, love to blog. I also love to do other things, and this blog will serve as forum. I've written under a few names, but I usually fall right back into Stina...Stinalicious, Stinaburger (not really, but note and highlight). At this point, I'm Lola. Lola.....more on that on another blog. I've always enjoyed writing, and during a very difficult time in my life, I really started blogging on Myspace. That's where the majority of my readers know me from. Welcome Dear Readers, old and new.

Currently life has blessed me with goodness and I have fallen off. Its going to be different to write about something that is not DARK DREARY AND DOWNRIGHT DEPRESSING but I am going to try. In order to get back up to speed, I promised myself to set aside time to write every single Tuesday. There will be different features here-depending on my mood, a blog will run loooooooooooong or just be a quickie.....never, never underestimate the quickie.

This Tuesday right here, right now is a momentous one...it is the Last Tuesday before my 33rd birthday, coming Saturday to a bar near you. I encourage you all to have a fantastic weekend as always, but maybe your mind can just wish me a happy day. I am looking forward to the entire weekend, there are plans being made. The great thing is all I know is to not make plans. How awesome is that? Orchestrated with love by my partner the Lovely LM, whom I will always refer to as Lovely. Last year's birthday was such an event, with itineraries and everything! That is my Lovely..plan, plan, and plan some more. She is the one Dear Reader that I can depend on. Quickie or not, right Lovely? Be sure to read next week's blog for all the details of my weekend.

What I learned at the Gym this week has nothing to do with fitness, but that is hardly a surprise. Yesterday afternoon I was on the Modified No Joke, you know the machine where your arms are stationary but your legs are flailing all about? The Original No Joke is where your arms and legs are simply all over the damned place. I'm content to work out for long periods, as long as there is something interesting to watch (read captions, actually) or read. Typically, I will read a magazine while on, but after a while the magazine won't stay open and I get so besides myself with the flailing that I end up knocking the magazine ruthlessly off the teeny podium. Anyway. The televisions in the gym are almost always on TeleNuvowella or something, sometimes ESPN, but yesterday, I found the one television set on the History Channel. The show was all about Nazis and Neo-Nazis. The Nazi of the hour was George Lincoln Rockwell, the founder of the American Nazi Party. What a jerk! Here is a link where you can read more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Lincoln_Rockwell. What I gathered during my workout was this: initially Rockwell was anti Jew. He could not particularly build his hatemonger soldiers just based on that, so since it was during segregation...he smartly added blacks to his hate list. Soon after blacks, he added catholics, then gays. Well. Now he was able to get more people to hear him and support him. He coined "white power", but only after he overheard "black power". Anyway, he organized marches in the Mall in Washington and even marched against MLK. Rockwell's parents were entertainers and he was quite the people person, if that makes sense for a racist. He knew how to work up a crowd. He did support Malcolm X, considering him a leader and he loved Elijah Muhammad (Nation of Islam leader). He loved him so much, he called him the "Black people's Hitler," which is equivalent to calling me the "Lesbian's Ellen".

Like I said feel free to read more about him. Allow me to flash forward to the end of the story. Rockwell was murdered by...wait for it, wait for it...one of his soldiers because, this is so rich, because the solider was sick and tired of Rockwell considering the whiter Whites more superior than the not-so-white-Whites. What the hell!!!??? Sound familiar?

Don't play dumb, we folk of shade can suffer from the same stupidity. Yeah, I said it.

Dear Readers, it has been a pleasure. While I have loads of stuff to share with you, I am at a place where I should concentrate on the tasks set before me, the tasks that I am actually compensated to do on a weekly basis, with biweekly compensation, do you follow me, are not really being done....

You get me. That's why I love you.