Thursday, June 17, 2010

I came all the way back just to name this blog..wth...Lola cares, especially on a Thursday that somewhere could be a Tuesday.

Dearest Readers:

I'm well aware that the last time we spoke it was May 25. Yes, it is June 17. Where have I been, you ask? In my skin. My busy, preoccupied, running to and fro skin. I don't even have the capacity to really give you anything of substance tonight. This is like when you check up on your Sim and just go click on the important stuff; food, bathroom, clean the toilet, shower, clean the shower, sleep...I guess, right? Well Dear Readers, I've been pretty busy of late and I have so much to tell you, yet so much to keep to myself. Don't be cross! I have to leave a little for myself. I am the center of my Venn Diagram and though you are here with me, I need some space for me. I swear I hear your eyes rolling. Readers, behave! I'm happy to announce a new Dear Reader out there. Don't worry I won't expose you. I try, somewhat unsuccessfully to keep my identity secret, so trust me I will do the same for you. Only successfully.

OMG. My ipod WON'T DIE. My Lovely was so kind to get me an ipod touch. I really love it, but...this morning I had 20% battery power left. Now, I'm no mathlete..heh heh, but I know 20% is a fifth and that is not much in terms of anything. Imagine a fifth of an M&M! Anyhow, I don't want my new toy to die on me, but I know that I have to let the battery completely deplete before I charge. Dear Readers..when we last left our heroine, her battery was on 20%. She has been running the "dique" dying battery non-stop since 4:30pm. What the hell!!?? Now I cannot even go to bed until it dies and I charge it. No puedo. I am exhausted. I'm starting to think its somehow managed to charge itself. In case you don't know its already 11pm, and I have sooooo much to do, like not blog tomorrow.

Awwww, you guys....I wish we could all meet at Pride. Anonymously of course. I know that there is a killer out there and To Whom It May Concern, don't even try to back me into a corner. Lola don't play that. I love my life very much and I'm in no desire to find myself on the verb side of a chainsaw. I know you are probably surprised. Whatever.

Let's not talk to the killer anymore...they kill for attention, you know. I'd love to tell you what's on my ipod, but I almost fear talking about it will further the battery charge.

I'm sleepy. Gosh. Gone are the days when I would head out to a party at 10pm. Now I'm at the party by 8pm with my early exit strategy already mapped out. What I should do is hop in the shower. Walking though my city in flip flops in the summer is dirty. Ick. On my way to my destination (don't you wish you knew) I walked across some berries. How did I find a patch of berries on a city sidewalk? That's just me. Do you know what happens when you walk across berries in flip flops? It is so not pretty. Ah..just to update you, I just checked the ipod battery. The freaker is on 15%. I've only killed 5%?? Enough. I just powered it off. At this rate it will last me all night and I'm not up for that.

Be right back...mmmm I felt like a snack, so I went to my top secret Hershey kiss stash. Despite me reaching out to you at least monthly, I know that you won't come over so its safe to tell you. I hide the kisses in the freezer behind the baking soda. Lolatiscally, no one EVER looks behind the baking soda in the freezer.

I challenge you to try that out.

Ick. I'm going to go wash the filth of the city off my feet. Its going to take me ages to figure out how to clean off these berry stains.

You get me. That's why I love you.