Thursday, July 22, 2010

An Apology.....Dear Readers, Please Read....

Dear Readers:

I want you to be aware that I am currently going through some things of a personal nature. That is the only reason that I've been so absent. I miss you and I miss writing, but its hard for me to disconnect from my everyday enough to lie to you. I can't just find some random thing to blog about. Ok. That is an untruth. I can really find random things, but I am going through so much, I feel that I will cheat you. I want to share with you, but the time is not right. I just feel entirely too distracted to be the Lola that you need me to be. If I am going to have to censor myself and not be 100% with you, you will pick it up in my writing.

I don't want to leave you hanging, so you can eliminate the following:

1. Sickness
2. Lovely
3. WondaKids

I would think that those are the main things that you would fear. I am quite healthy and yes, still head over heels with my Lovely, and lastly, the WondaKids are quite wonderful.

All of my turmoil is solely based on me. I set out to do something and though it is not more than I expected, sometimes it seems more than I can handle. I don't know if that makes sense--trust me, I don't think anything over the last summer has made sense. I imagine that positive thinking begets positive outcomes, but I am rapidly getting to a place of unpositivity. I am literally racing away from negative thoughts, but they sure are slick in finding their way back to you, or in this case me.

Please, please, don't give up on me. When I tell you that you mean the world to me, Dear Readers, you really do. I hate neglecting you, that is why I am blogging right now. You may wonder why it took me over a month...really the feat that I have undertaken really does keep me busy. Its not just you, my personal & family life has suffered as a whole.

Now that I am here, I am feeling slightly renewed. My relationship with you, Dear Readers, does sustain me. I missed you. Correction: I miss you. I am not going to make promises of my return. I can assure you that I will be back, I just can't promise you a date.

Everyday, whether I am aware of it or not, a little bit of me wishes I was in front of my pc typing away to you.

Thank you for your understanding.

You get me. That's why I love you.