Thursday, January 6, 2011

Flies and Design

Hello Dear Readers and Happy New Year,

So...I am here at GreenFab. GreenFab is one of the work sites where my students intern on Mondays and Thursdays. I am a little unclear about what they do here, though I know its all about sustainable living.

Sustainable living is what I am doing, actually. I have so much to do, so much going on that it takes everything for me to survive.

sus·tain·a·ble (s-stn-bl)
1. Capable of being sustained.
2. Capable of being continued with minimal long-term effect on the environment:

I like to say that I am practicing sustainable survival.

sur·viv·al (sr-vvl)
a. The act or process of surviving.
b. The fact of having survived.
2. Something, such as an ancient custom or belief, that has survived.

I do not think that you need definitions, but now that I am a teacher...I'm so extra.

I make myself tired. I am capable of surviving continually with minimal long-term effect on myself. Now that I read that back, I'm concerned. Hmmm..and the feeling has passed.

You must wonder what I mean by the flies. Or maybe not, well I'm going to tell you. There are loads of little pesky flies here. I don't know where there come from, though I think that the most likely source is the combination of that water bottle finagled garden in the next room. It's amazing, how Poland Spring bottles and tubing can sustain a garden and its beautiful...but I think that's where the little flies are coming from. Another more obvious source...the teens. Teens have trouble getting rid of their garbage. I walked in this morning to a mysterious plastic bag on the desk. Said plastic bag is still there. Its shape hint toward a greasy paper plate that housed a pizza. I'm only guessing pizza because its not a McDonald's bag or a Thank You Come Again deli plastic bag. Most teens and I can say this with certainty, live off of greasy pizza, McDonald's and Chinese.

It is what it is. Today they didn't even blink when I whipped out my Laughing Cow Cheese spread and Ritz Crackers. They used to crack up. OMG!!!! What are you eating!!?? I swear, my eating habits were fodder for conversation from September to at the very least yesterday, when I dined on sardines and graham crackers. The graham crackers were leftovers from my breakfast. I DID NOT plan to eat the crackers with my sardines and there was no touching of the two.

Don't judge me.

I'm here today because they were short teachers, but apparently, that deficit has changed as there are four teachers here, and I'm not even counting myself. There are about thirteen teens. I don't need to be here and in fact I'm not doing anything, as you can see. I am about to fabricate a few tests for tomorrow. Yaaayyyy tests!!! Let's, ELA and maybe even math...bwaaa haaa haaaa.

Ok..I felt guilty for just sitting here, so I took a quick walk around the groups. Aw...I care.


Did I tell you all about my dog? He ate my Gap skirt, but I returned it. There is so much more to the story. The deal is, I adopted a puppy for Christmas. I love animals and I love nurturing. I saved this puppy from a bad place. He has the NERVE to eat my skirt. The other day, I found him on my bed with my skirt in his mouth. Wow. For someone just peeking at this blog, that could be quite the sentence. Anyhow, I was furious, as this was on New Year's Eve. It would have been just as annoying any other night, but still. I was all dressed up and on my way out and I find that Ferris had a mouthful of my gorgeous skirt.

I called and texted few people to complain, because that is what I do. The consensus was to return it to the Gap and exchange it. I was nervous. All I needed was for the cashier to say, OMG, DID A MINI COLLIE DINGO PUPPY EAT YOUR SKIRT? She didn't. Whew...but she did call another cashier over to look at it. The conversation was more like, OMG, DID YOU SEE THIS SKIRT? WHOAAAA! I didn't have much hope in finding the skirt again, since it was on the sale rack, but YEEEEESSSS I found it! It is still in the bag, hanging from one of the many hooks in my closet.

I learned a valuable lesson that night. A puppy will eat ANYTHING. I was under the impression that he would only eat chewy things and/or things that taste like chicken. I did not think he would develop a taste for a soft blue with red squares skirt. I know that I'm naive.

These flies are super annoying. The teens are almost as annoying, which is why I am squirreled away at the end of the table. Every now and then, I glare at them. It is too funny how that gets them in check. What's funnier is that I am typing pretty fast and "funny" started out as "cunny". Whoa...did you see this skirt??

Teens love to use profanity. They are so predictable. I can't even use words like predictable because it sounds to much like dick. No homo.

Oh My Cheezus. Alas, I must work...on my other blog and then on classwork, tests, and etc.

You get me. That's why I love you.