Friday, August 5, 2011

91st Blog, I pay attention....

Dear Readers,

Everytime I write a blog, I glance over to my Dear Reader list...I don't look for any main purpose, but it does feel great to see a new Dear Reader.


This time I noticed that a Dear Reader was gone. Yes, gone. I am just as shocked as you are or maybe I am not. You see, I think this Dear Reader decided to bear the insult of my 89th blog to C(unt).

Well since this person is gone, I can tell my remaining Dear Readers that this is just another nail in that coffin. You know, it is one thing to cut off all other allegiance but to cut my blog? I hate that I hurt all over again.

When will this end? When will I learn not to care anymore? How does someone methodically cut you out of their own life, a life that at one point you shared?

Guess what, Runaway Reader, you are not here to see this...but it will get back, it always does, right?

This hurts. You don't like what I have to it is your right to go. Just as it is your right to go, it is my right to be pissed.


You of all people, know how I feel about my writing.


You are not here, so nothing I say can insult anymore. I am not sorry that you were insulted, but I am already sorry for this blog.

Off to bed, before I really get irate.

You get me, that's why I love you,


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  1. Welcome to my world, as well. True appreciation of ones sincere expression, opinions and point of views, takes a rare human kind. The kind that love themselves enough to appreciate the feelings and views of others regardless if they agree. Lola we can't get thru a 'successful' life without burning SOME bridges. Yet, on the flip side...sometimes the truth HURTS. And as I've learned in my own life....for most it's hard to swallow. As for this blog..I was enlightened and forced to take a personal inventory. That, I would like to say thanx, my friend! LL